Freedom for Political Prisoners in Nicaragua

Freedom for Political Prisoners in Nicaragua

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Started by Maura L

Today, Sunday, October 14, 2018, the Nicaraguan police brutally detained 38 peaceful protestors, many of them political leaders and social movement activists.

Nicaraguan citizens exercising their constitutional right gathered to march peacefully in protest of the Ortega regime, demanding the release of all political prisoners. These protestors were met with violent repression and an assault by the police. Over 30 leaders and civilians were captured this morning in an effort to silence the opposition.

During the last 6 months, Nicaragua has faced the worst repression and violation of human rights in the last 40 years. The strategy of Daniel Ortega’s regime has been to kill, capture, torture and disappear civilians in hopes of silencing the opposition. Ortega has demonstrated no will to participate in dialogue, despite demands from the international community, including from the Organization of American States, the United Nations and the European Union. Many sectors of civil society are calling for a national strike in coming days.

Since April, a total of 1,300 people have gone missing, close to 500 have died, over 3,000 have suffered injuries, and 400 have been illegally prosecuted. Nearly 400,000 people have lost their jobs and over 30,000 have fled the country. While the Nicaraguan landscape of today paints a dramatic picture, the opposition is convinced that the only pathway forward is peaceful and non-violent protest. Ortega’s use of firepower is contrasted with the people’s conviction for a free and just Nicaragua.

Articles 53 and 54 of the Nicaraguan Constitution state the right of Nicaraguan citizens to have peaceful gatherings and protests, without requiring prior approval.

Please sign this petition to denounce the unjust detainment of 38 peaceful protestors and demand for their freedom.

So far today, 8 of the 38 detained have been released:

1.     José Dolores Blandino

2.     Marlen Auxiliadora Chow Cruz

3.     Alba Luz Aragón Dávila

4.     Ramiro Eduardo Lacayo Deshón

5.     Nena Gisela Morales

6.     Arlin Elías Martínez Luna

7.     Douglas David Díaz Obando

8.     Eliam Stiven Martínez González

We continue to demand the freedom of the following people:

9.     José Alejandro Vega Potoy

10.  Francisco Raul Ortega Guzmán

11.  Marvin Arturo Reyes Rosales

12.  Suyen Barahona Quant

13.  Ana Lucía Alvarez Vijil

14.  Ana Margarita Vijil

15.  Leo Manuel Navarrete Lumbí

16.  Freddy Ramírez Guido

17.  Alejandro de Jesús Cordero Ocón

18.  Mauricio Ríos Mencías

19.  Sandra Patricia Cuadra Murillo

20.  Silvia Castillo Salaverry

21.  María Alejandra Machado Blandón

22.  Marcela Martínez Guzmán

23.  Deysi Tamara Davila Rivas

24.  María Dolores Monge Aguilar

25.  María de los Angeles Gutierrez García

26.  Sofía Gabriela Velázquez González

27.  Juan Omar Escorcia Martínez

28.  Maynor Josué Quintero Peña

29.  Manuel Salvador Martínez

30.  Rolando Ernesto Tapia Orozco

31.  Orlando Antonio Luna Guevara

32.  Gustavo Adolfo Vargas Rojas

33.  Kenneth Joel Saballos

34.  Andrés Reyes Monge

35.  José Antonio Peraza Collado

36.  Orlando Rafael Miranda Angel

37.  Roger Nicolás Cano Lara

38.  Gerson Daniel Delgadillo López

The protestors are being held at El Chipote, a prison in Managua known for its human rights abuses. In El Chipote, political prisoners are tortured, sexually abused, denied meals, and otherwise mistreated. This evening, family members gathered at the prison attempting to deliver food to those who were captured, but they were denied entry. Their family have no way of knowing in what conditions the protestors are being held. Their safety and wellbeing is in no way guaranteed.


Help us put international pressure and make this issue visible to the international community. Please sign this petition to ask Nicaraguan authorities for the immediate release of all political prisoners.

Please help us end political oppression and violence in Nicaragua.

Help us to free hundreds of human rights activists. 

Sign and share this petition with all your contacts. 

6,834 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!