Want an EX Raid Pass? Don't do raids or buy anything until Niantic explain everything

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We’re tired... tired to do a lot of raids and don’t have any pass though we do raids in park, have a lot of raids done, have high level gym badge.

People left time to try to obtain it. Now it’s time to respect this people and fix this EX raid system, it’s clear that doesn’t work as it should. WE WANT EXACTLY KNOW HOW TO OBTAIN THIS EX RAID PASS

So if we hurt Niantic in the wallet they'll said everything to know. So the solution is DON'T DO RAIDS AND DON'T BUY ANYTHING IN THE GAME, UNTIL NIANTIC TELL US HOW TO OBTAIN WHAT WE WANT!

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P.s. And raid on Christmas.. really? On Christmas lunch? Why don’t do it on 26th? Ok some people doesn’t care about Christmas but other yes...

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