Start a renewed effort to stop cheating in Pokemon Go

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Since the first week of the game cheating has been a massive problem, while at first we saw reports of ban waves hitting people every few weeks, now it seems like Niantic's decision is to simply ignore these cheaters and hope the players stop caring. Spoofers and cheaters of all kinds are massively hurting the Pokemon Go Player community. And while some players have chosen to turn a blind eye to the damage they cause, it's time we all wake up.

The EX Raid System has only escalated this problem. While the EX Raid system isn't perfect, in an ideal world it has its benefits. Letting ultra rare raids be scheduled early enough in advance people can coordinate together while rewarding . But the problem is spoofers are taking over sponsored gyms and known EX Raid Gyms in places like NYC and San Francisco, and everywhere across the world too. The raids are completely dominated by spoofers raiding at these gyms in hopes to get an EX Raid pass, Diluting the pool of trainers eligible to receive an EX Raid Pass so far there are more spoofers getting the passes than legitimate players. 

Examples of this are everywhere.

Niantic handles spoofers in Ingress and very publicly has reversed the actions of spoofers and condemned cheating of all kinds. The only thing different is The Pokemon Company, and the players like myself are sick of letting The Pokemon Company tie Niantic's hands behind their backs if that is what's happening.

  1. No more red slash. No more softbans. No more shadow bans. DROP THE HAMMER.
  2. Send cease and desist letters to Pokemon Go API hashing services ( and continue to actively pursue new sellers.
  3. Send cease and desist letters to people selling Pokemon Go accounts and continue to actively pursue new sellers.
  4. Send cease and desist letters to communities like /r/PokemonGoSpoofing that help spread methods of spoofing and cheating in the game. 
  5. Stop people from bulk creating PTC accounts. TPC needs to take this seriously. 
  6. Implement server side changes to cripple services that have grown accustomed to the predictability of things like speedlock and spawn point locations and timings.
  7. Improve the report system so that Niantic can actually take action based on reports. 
  8. Put the rules visible in the Game Client itself. The Trainer Guidelines shouldn't be hidden away on some website that no one will see, it needs to be front and center. 

The players move to demand a renewed effort of the highest priority from Niantic to curb cheating off all kinds in Pokemon Go. Niantic needs to commit to solving this problem. And The Pokemon Company needs to let them. 

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