Safari Zone event for Australian/NZ Pokemon Go Trainers

Safari Zone event for Australian/NZ Pokemon Go Trainers

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G'day Niantic!

I'm unicornchick88. I'm a level 40 Instinct trainer and proud member and one of 6 Community Leaders of the Pokemon Community, Tmiv which is solely based in Brisbane region of the 4017.

On behalf of the South East Queensland Pokemon Go Community - we would like the opportunity to host a Safari Zone in Brisbane, Queensland. 

As you can see we have gained support from other amazing trainers and their communities. We all feel we miss out on great opportunities to land pokemon like the infamous unown. 

Whilst we enjoy the benefits of catching the select shiny of each Safari you've held - past and present - we would really, really like a chance for one to be hosted in Brisbane, Queensland and rotating around our great country of Australia then crossing over to our Kiwi friends in New Zealand.

This request comes from the community of all of South East Queensland. We hope that with the support of trainers around Australia & New Zealand that a Safari Zone event comes to Brisbane, Queensland and around both countries!

Happy hunting!