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Reinstate the Ability to Make Progress on the Ace Trainer Medal in Pokémon GO

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When Gyms were updated in Pokémon GO and the mechanic of Raids was introduced, the ability to gain progress on the Ace Trainer Medal was revoked without any official prior notice. This left myself, and many others I have encountered with an incomplete medal, frustrated that there is no way to complete it.

I propose that the ability to make progress towards this Medal could be reinstated by working it into the mechanics of the new Gym system, with Pokémon in a Gym belonging to your team being able to be fought as before to increase their Motivation, thereby supporting your own team's Gym.

Even a limited time event where those working on their medal somehow have a second chance to complete it would allow more people to prepare to put in the time and effort to earn it, whilst still retaining its status of a Legacy Medal afterward and leaving the current Gym Mechanics intact. I know this will, and should not, be a priority right now with the new Raid events upcoming and the bugs being corrected, all I ask is that it is considered for the future.

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