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Pokémon Go - Suggestions for Raid Function Enhancement

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The recent legendary raid experiences did prove what Niantic sets out to do: to bring people together and enjoy the game of "gotta-catch-them-all". It was really heartening to see strangers start talking to one another and share how a catch can be more effective and more. Nevertheless, I hope the game can be improved in the following ways:

1. Make level 1 through 3 raids free. This is to encourage trainers' interests and participations in lower-tier raids as trainers simply don't want to burn their one free pass on low tier raids, let alone purchase a premium pass for them.

2. Similar to recent Mewtwo launch event, make all legendary pokemons "100% catchable" after winning the battle. One way is to increase the difficulty level of each legendary pokemon (beatable by at least group sizes of 15) so as to encourage more trainers coming together and form a team. This also promotes more interactions between trainers and thus meeting the objective of this game update.

3. Premium raid passes versus free raid passes. Each person is given the chance to get one free raid pass a day, and the raid pass could be used for a raid at a particular gym until the raid battle is won. A suggestion to make the raids more interesting would be to "consume" one raid pass for one raid battle. Regardless of the battle outcome, trainers have to purchase the premium raid pass or wait until the next day for another go at the raid battles. This is to encourage continual participation in a fair manner (to all trainers). For premium raid passes, please make it "premium" as the name suggested. The cost should be higher (perhaps at $5 per pass, but should allow for 3-5 raids instead). Niantic may consider to release normal raid pass ($1 for one pass) as another purchase item.

I sincerely hope the above suggestions could help to make the game more interesting and lasting for every trainer. Thank you.

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