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Pokémon Go, please give us Tauros - we're North Americans, too!

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In the words of the Niantic CEO, John Hanke, “Some monsters [Pokemon] even live only on certain continents”, Wired Magazine (German), March 7, 2017

Dear Pokémon Go –

We, the very loyal and dedicated fans of Alaska and Canada, would like to point out a geographical fact and make a request.  Alaska and Canada, you may be surprised to discover, are part of North America, too!

Yes, it’s true.  Your hardiest and most determined Pokémon fans, venturing out in bitter sub-zero temperatures and 5 month winters to catch them all, actually live on the same continent as the Lower 48 states.

Now, whether or not you realize it, it actually is hard and expensive for us to travel out of our regional areas.  If you’re in Chicago, well, you’re a $60 flight away from Vegas! Or you can reach Florida in a day by driving.  But Alaskans, we can’t get to Seattle for less than a $300 flight or a 3 day drive – which, I guarantee you, isn’t happening in the winter.  And I’m pretty sure that Northern Canadians suffer under the same limitations.

So, we have a simple request.  Please give us Tauros.

Yup, that’s all we want.  That the North American region-specific Pokémon wander further north than the roughly 150 miles (241 km) north of the US-Canada border that appears to be fencing it off from the rest of us.  Let it roam all the way across the North American continent from Attu Island, Alaska to Cape Spear, Newfoundland and from Calgary and Ontario and Montreal to Barrow, Alaska and Alert, Nunavut!

We get it.  Part of the fun is to go to new areas and see new things while catching Pokémon. But honestly, some of us will never be able to afford even to go to catch Tauros.  We’re not asking you to release all the regionals - just to give us the one for our continent – so that all of us will have a chance to catch a regional exclusive of our own.


Your Loyal (but Freezing) Northern American Continent Pokémon Go Fans

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