Pokémon Go New Gyms are useless

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The recent rework in Pokémon Go Gym Battles is awful. The game at the moment gives no real incentive to play.

Competition is now totally inexistent, as there is no real motivation to fight(because if you do, you are basically giving your opponents Pokécoins).

There have been already many complaints and suggestions, but I want to focus only on the main problems of the new system.

We ask Niantic to make ONLY TWO CHANGES TO THE GAME:

1) Get the Pokécoins while the Pokémon is still assigned to the gym automatically.
This gives the rival teams a motivation to fight and take down the gyms, because this way they block the enemy's income and rewards.

2) Change the motivation system in order to give Pokémons with higher PLs a better motivation. This gives a reason to the players to power up their monsters with stardust.

We can deal with other minor issues, but these two are the main complaints we have.
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