Open Pokestop/Gym submissions for Pokemon GO and create balance with rural places!

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We all agree that the current lineup is unfair with rural players.

Ingress was the original game created by Niantic which became a successfull product. Portals were submitted through players and became successful.
One of the abilities they have is to submit points of interest, aka portals in the game.
While there are still coming more and more new portals in Ingress, Pokemon GO does not have this ability, in addition to the new points of interest doesn't appear as Pokestops or Gyms in Pokemon GO.

While one spot in Pokemon GO could have one Pokestop, if you open the Ingress game, you could be surrounded by 5-6 portal locations.
The main issue is that urban places are flooded with Gyms and Pokestops, rural places and players on the other hand are significantly left out.

The second problem is the spawnpoints. There are a some of them but these are heavily compacted around the Stops and Gyms. It should be much more scattered around in rural places or simply place more of spawnpoints. It would be better to get people to walk in nature instead of the dense city.

I am making this petition not just demand, but need with Niantic to open submissions in Pokemon GO.

I'm also talking about a lot of rural players who dropped the game because of where they live, simply unable to take advantage of the game's opportunities because of the rural places have ignored and disrepaired, not just the Pokestops and Gyms but the pokemon spawnpoints perspective too.

Thank you very much for reading. Any and all support is greatly welcomed, hopefully Niantic will see this as it would make the game even better..

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