Niantic, Please Remove Feebas from 10KM Eggs!

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Hello! Sheriff Quagsire here with a message to the masses and especially Niantic. Let's talk about 10KM eggs, we spin a stop and we see a purple egg, we're excited that we have the highest tier egg we could possibly get, so we put it into our super incubator that we paid for and walk. As we walk, we smile thinking about all of the possible Pokemon that can hatch out this egg; Gible, Deino, Axew, Timburr, Riolu, Litwick, and even Klink! We walk and walk and walk, finally the egg pops up on our screen ready to hatch... One crack, two cracks, three cracks, we get so excited to see what we're going to get and then... it's a Feebas. We feel defeated, we wonder why we just walked so much to hatch a Feebas, we get depressed and hope we never spin a 10KM egg again.

10KM eggs should have Pokemon that are at least a little rarer than the ones in the other eggs, the 5KM and 7KM egg pool have been better than the 10KM eggs lately. Please, Niantic, make this change! Be the company for the people!