Niantic, please give us another Bagon Community Day!

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On April the 13th, Niantic hosted a Community Day. It was advertised that everyone would have a 3 hour window to catch the pokemon "Bagon" with the exclusive move outrage. As usual, a lot of people were very excited for this event. Some of us took time off from work to be at this event. Some of us even invested in real money to stock up on items before this event.

Well, the event came and gone, and again a lot of us were faced with an event full of glitches due to server issues, making this game completely unusable. Niantic's initial response to all of this was that they were working on fixing the game, and that they would give us an additional hour for the community day to catch Bagon and evolve Bagon while holding onto the outrage moveset. This was not a sufficient enough amount of compensation for a lot of us for a number of reasons:

- Niantic only made this announcement through their twitter support page (Not everyone uses twitter!)
- The additional hour would have made it too late/unsafe for a lot of us to continue the game as we would have to continue playing the game into the night and/or a lot of us have other things that we have already pre-organised around this time.
- The game was still glitchy for many of us as the community day ended
- A lot of us evolved our Baygon within the new timeframe, to find out that our pokemon did not keep the Outrage moveset

Niantic, Please! A lot of us missed out on community day because of issues that you were having with your own servers, and the undersigned would appreciate it so much if you could give us another chance with this event. Re-run Bagon day for those who missed out! C'moooooon!

Kind Regards,

- The Undersigned