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Niantic, please extend raids until midnight.

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Currently the most interesting, fun and social part of the game is raiding. It also happens to be the endgame for many players. However even though I've never seen a child at a raid without their parents and the majority of players seem to be in their 20's and 30's, a decision has been made to start raids at a time when people are getting ready for and commuting to work, continue them during the day while most people are at work and then end them precisely at the time when people finish commuting home from work and have dinner and are then actually have time to burn on a hobby like Pokemon Go.

"Prime Time" is a old term for the most popular time to watch TV. It's generally from around 8pm to 11pm. It's the time when there are the LEAST responsibilities and the most time for leisure. Personally, something like 95% of my play time has occurred after work and after I've fed the children and put them to bed. 8pm is my START time.

Please for the love of everything that is holy extend the raid hours until midnight. I want to spend more money on Pogo but it's becoming difficult. The are many countries in the world where the streets are active until midnight. We are (mostly) adults and (mostly) have jobs, please start treating us that way! If it's absolutely necessary, simply add age restriction so that raids do not appear for young players after dark. The rest of us, like the crew that was out playing into the wee hours of the morning during the event would like to give you more money and have less distractions during their work day.


Thank you.

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