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Make level 1 thru 3 raids free in POGO

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The recent addition of raids into Pokemon Go has stimulated player interest to participate more in the mobile game. However, since trainers only receive one free raid pass per day, trainers are very selective on which raids they will buy premium passes for. There are several factors of the raid function this petition will address 

1. Make level 1 through 3 raids free. Trainers simply don't want to burn their one free pass on low tier raids, let alone purchase a premium pass for them. Making them free would increase trainer interest in participating in these raids.

2. Allow more free passes or allow premium passes to have more than one use. At $1 per premium pass, a trainer could easily find themselves spending $20+ weekly on raid passes. A lot of trainers simply don't raid because of the hefty price tag. The solution for this would be to allow more free passes to be given out on a daily basis and let them accumulate in a trainer's item bag. Or allow premium passes to have more than one use, similar to how egg incubators work. Allow trainers to collect 100 pokecoins per day from defending gyms to be able to reasonably afford more passes.

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