Make a gym in Smyrna or La Vergne, TN able to hold EX Raids!

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We have a great community of Pokemon GO players in Smyrna and La Vergne, TN. We play together, raid together, and even hold get-togethers. The photo for this petition was taken during our Squirtle Community Day Cook-Out at Sharp Springs Park (Smyrna).

Smyrna/La Vergne is a great place for playing Pokemon GO, with many parks, Pokestops, and Gyms. However, there is one issue with playing here: not a single gym is capable of holding an EX Raid. This means that several players in our community need to travel and play in different cities (i.e., such as Murfreesboro or Nashville) for a chance to receive an EX Raid pass. This is an issue for many members of our community as it requires things such as transportation and overall luck. 

Therefore, this petition is being created in order to draw attention to this issue and hopefully make it so at least one Gym is able to hold EX Raids.

Possible solutions:

-Smyrna is already home to two sponsored Pokestops: Starbucks and Sprint. However, as these are Pokestops they are unable to hold any raid and thus would need to be converted into Gyms first.

-Sharp Springs Park in Smyrna is home to 5 Gyms and is a popular place to play.

-Hilltop-Rosenwald Park in Smyrna is home to 2 Gyms and is a popular place to play.

-Veterans Memorial Park in La Vergne is home to 2 Gyms and is a popular place to play.