Let’s Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery and Wizards Unite be Worthy of Harry Potter Universe!

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The most anticipated game of the year, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery finally published. But the game is not like as we expected!

The game, which has ten thousands of players around the world is criticized about many things. Not only with deficiencies, misplaced advertisement has made Potterheads very angry too.

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Critiques and Suggestions of Harry Potter Fans About Hogwarts Mystery

Expectation: RPG – Result: Visual Novel

Starting from the beginning of the game, a Harry Potter universe which is far from what it should be. With limited options starting with Rowan who is the first character you have ever met, the game is as much as a visual novel instead of a RPG.

The game is lack of RPG contents and movements of players are very restricted. Players couldn’t process in their own way and players are forced to play in pre-determined scenario by developers.

Expectation: Open World – Result: Limited Movement

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery players were demanding a universe which they could move freely. Producers advertised the game based entirely on open world concept. But after it has released, players are only free in corridors.

Players can’t move freely as they wish, they also limited in certain places with certain movements. The game is far from its advertisements in this aspect.

Expectation: Unique Avatars and Characters – Result: Micro Transaction

Players were expecting to customize their characters as they wish but they faced with gems and other micro transactions even for smallest customization of their character. This negative point couldn’t have met with expectations of players. Players were dreaming a free universe but they faced with a system that requires money in every step.

Players demands more free or in game activity based customization options from developers.

Expectation: Harry Potter’s Rich Universe – Result: A Few Spells and A Few Places

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is a disease of scenario. The game didn’t take even a smaller portion of the Potter universe. There are many conflicts in background stories of characters in the game too.

Lack of spells, classes and story is criticized by Harry Potter fans and players.

Expectation: Funny Game – Result: Energy, energy, energy…

The most hated part of the game is energy system. Players needs to wait for a long time for energy, and this makes impossible to have fun in the game. Players even forced to spend energy in the parts called “break” in classrooms, and that frustrating people.

First of all, players demand the change of the energy system.

Expectation: Seven Years Hogwarts Experience – Result: Only Three Years!

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery advertised with “seven years of Hogwarts experience” motto. Aside from creating unique characters and being forced to play in same scenario, players can only go three years in the game! After the third year, the game is over!

This means that the players are obviously misadvertised. Players are angry about this situation and demands full seven years Hogwarts experience in the game, immediately.

Your Players Are Not Only English Speakers!

Harry Potter has an audience worldwide, not only English speakers. There are many other players around the globe. The most spoken languages like Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Japanese and Turkish must be added to game as soon as possible. So, the game which is based on story and understanding can equally enjoy by people around the world.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery players request Jam City and Portkey Games to develop the game! Immediately!

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