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To Increase Pokestops and Pokemon Spawn rate in India .

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Problem With Game

The situation of the game in India is really bad.The Pokemon Go wave have gone and the biggest reason for it is,Lack of Pokestops And low Spawning Rate.Even though I live urban area (Delhi NCR) yet I have to walk about 5km to reach the nearest pokestops and get no Pokemon Spawn in the way.The situation in Rural area is worse where there are literally no Pokestops and Gyms at all.People start the game catch and few Pokemon using inscene and run out of pokeball and stop playing.

Even New Delhi, the capital of India doesn't have a good Spawning rate.We have seen screenshot of users in foreign country being flooded with pokestops and gyms and a very high Spawning rate.And compared to those we are not getting even 1/10 of that luxury.

Cause of the problem

The location data for Pokéstops is entirely sourced from Ingress. With a few exceptions, every portal in Ingress became a Pokéstop or Gym in Pokémon Go. In Ingress users were able to submit request for new landmarks but the system have now been suspended.This idea, while ingenious, impacts the functionality of Pokémon Go in an even greater way than it did Ingress. Without the ability to submit new requests for landmarks, players in geographically isolated regions or even places where no one HAPPENED to play Ingress have a limited or essentially nonexistent Pokémon Go experience. 

Note: the point of the game is to get people to exercise, meet people, explore, etc. If having low-impact landmarks designated as Pokéstops is something the developers want to avoid, so be it. However, it seems unfair and even unrealistic that human population should have such an overwhelming influence on Pokémon spawn rates.

There are possibly millions of places In India which are worth being Pokestop and Gym so people can know about them and visit them


 The solutions are very simple.

Solution For Increasing Pokestops and Gyms 

1. The most basic and effective solution is to use the google maps data to find out parks and gardens. Almost all places have good amount of parks and gardens whether you live in urban, suburban or rural.Let each park or garden be pokestops regardless of the size of thr park/garden.And if the park is big then let it be a gym too and multiple Pokestop inside the park if its big enough.And in the image just place the an animated park image.And when a user uses this pokestop give him a options or link to upload the image and later let it be verified by other players.And even if there is no problem in uploading and verifying image as there are going to bhi too many parks ,just put an animated park image for all them.Cause the real moto is to increase pokestops and gym.

2. The above method could be applied to other places like school, universities as most player are students. Schools,college,universities , libraries,and real life gyms,etc should be converted to both Pokestop and Gym as the these will give people a movitation to reach these places and spend time there and increased competition among players lead to greater revenue for you guys.

3. Open a dedicated website for entering new Pokestop and gyms.In the website people playing Pokemon Go can mark location for new Pokestop and Gyms and upload the image for it.And these pokestops then get upvoted and verified by other users.And then a final approval from your team (optional (as people will themselves do the best work for FREE.So Niantic will not need to spend extra money on this)).It doesn't matter if it takes 3 months in getting a new Pokestop and Gym as if this is followed then after 1 year the game will become equal for all.

Solution for increasing spawn rate of Pokemon 

Niantic have already developed the best solution but haven't reliased it.The lastest tracking system is the key to making the game fair and increasing spawn rates.If from the solution above or any other method number of pokestops is increased then just increasing the Spawning nearby these pokestops.And the make rarer Pokemon Spawn around the pokestops where less number of people visit.As Pokemon are supposed to live in wild and remote places.And increase the Pokemon Spawn rate within the range 1 km from the pokestop and the closer the u get to Pokestop the more Spawning of Pokemon and intersections of multiple Pokestop would lead to better Spawning every where.

So to conclude the solutions just increase the Pokestop and Gym ,the Pokemon Spawning will increase automatically 



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