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Rebalance Pokéstop drop rates in Pokémon GO

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If Pokéstop drop rates are not rebalanced:

  • Trainers will hesitate in overtaking Gyms
  • Trainers will deploy "burner" Pokémon to overtaken Gyms
  • Trainers might even play less Raids

We believe that Potions and Revives are equally important as Pokéballs and Berries for the end-game experience. We also believe that Pidgey or Ratata (or whatever is up for transfer to the Professor) rather not represent desirable defenders in an engaging game of Pokémon. Our suggestion is to:

  • Make Potions and Revives an equally large portion of drops from Pokéstops as Pokéballs and Berries.
  • Make no difference in drop rates for Pokéstops in regard to wether they are Gyms or not.

This request originates from players who spend a relatively large portion of the time spent in your game, and probably also a large portion of the money that funds your business.

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