Have Ex Raids removed from Pokemon Go

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Please share this with your local communities.  This system needs to go!!

Ever since Niantic introduced this horrid system, known as Ex Raids, the community of avid and loyal Pokemon Go players have felt betrayed, confused, deflated, and ultimately belittled.

Under the guise of "field testing", Niantic has insisted on keeping this system in the game despite the overwhelming negative feedback by the community.  It has had a tremendous negative effect on players, as many have yet to receive an Ex Raid pass, while others have received one while their friends and family did not.

To Niantic - since it is apparent to us that you are not listening to our tweets, emails, and reddit posts, this petition is to show you our collective dismay of the system you have forced on us.

We want the game to succeed.  We want the game to flourish.  This system has done nothing but drive us away from that goal.

We need this system to be removed.  It doesn't belong in this game.  It is not something that will help this game in the long run, but in actuality, may destroy it.  We as a community know you can do way better.