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Get rid of EX-raids in Pokemon Go

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Let me start off by saying I'm just a very normal, but dedicated, player of Pokemon Go. I'm starting this petition because based on my humble opinion, the whole concept of EX raids suck.

Although I wouldn't say I'm the most fanatical one, I've been an avid player of Pokemon Go since the very early days. I just hit level 40 some time ago, and I've spent considerable cash buying incubators and raid passes throughout my journey. I still remember the days when I would camp out at Charmander nests with friends after work - in the hopes of finally getting a Charizard. I remember the frustration of rolling bad movesets when evolving into Dragonites 5 times in a row, and needing to start over hoarding dratini candies again and again. However, despite all the frustration, it was fun. It was a lot of grinding, but it was still fun. I knew that things would eventually work out. I knew that if I put in the effort, I would eventually get what I'm after. And I made friends along the way.

The EX raid system ruined all the fun.

We've seen those complaints all over the internet:

  • Spent entire days chasing raids at different parks / sponsored locations (and even past EX raid locations) and still coming up empty.
  • Did a Groudon raid with a group of friends only to discover that you are the only one among your group that did not receive an EX raid pass.
  • The random dude living next door receiving his first EX raid pass with his alt account after doing just 28 raids while you've done over 600 and still haven't got one.
  • Finally getting some time off during the holiday break to do more raids when Niantic suddenly decided to take a two-week break in handing out raid passes.
  • Finally received an EX raid pass but it is scheduled at a timeslot which you are supposed to be at work/school.

The list goes on and on.

All that time. All that work. Down the drain.

Look, I get it. Mewtwo should be hard to get. I'm not saying it should be easy. Mewtwo would no longer be Mewtwo if the casual player can have 30 of them. Please do make it hard, and a real challenge to get one. But stop this EX raid pass nonsense. Stop making it pure, dumb luck.

Make Mewtwo raids even rarer than normal 5-star legendary raids.

Make Mewtwo raids appear in only two-week slots every now and then (perhaps like Ho-Oh).

Buff Mewtwo as a raid boss.

Limit the size of groups to 12 instead of 20.

Make it a real challenge to get Mewtwo, but don't make it based purely on luck. Frustration has boiled all over the internet. There are tons of people who are able to explain why EX raids are a TERRIBLE idea using much stronger arguments. Articles on this topic can be found everywhere.

Niantic may or may not listen. But let's join together and show them how many people hate the EX raids system.

Enough with EX raids. Please get rid of it.

I'm just going to leave it at that.

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