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For Niantic to bring back the Legacy Gym System to Pokémon Go

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So in an emphasis to grow or bring back a number of Pokémon Go players, Niantic revamped the gym system within the game. In the past, when a trainer would battle and claim a Pokémon gym, it would open 3 spots for trainers of the same team to drop one Pokémon each in a gym. In order for the remaining seven spots to open, the gym had to be “prestiged” or “leveled up” by training on the Pokémon that were dropped into those gyms. This was a very difficult task for low level players. This gym system also made it hard for trainers from other teams to battle and take over a level 10 gym.
The new/current gym system can hold up to six pokemon. All six pokemon can be placed in the gym immediately, thus eliminating the need to “prestige” a gym. Also, Pokémon now lose “motivation” and a Pokemon’s CP would start to dwindle as soon as it is put in a gym, making it that much easier to beat an opposing gym.
While this encouraged new and lower level players to battle gyms, it unmotivated many of the higher level players who would pride themselves in building gyms that were challenging to take down and really required high-level Pokémon to prestige AND to beat.
With the new gym system simply requiring only time and persistence to beat, we have made this petition to ask Niantic to bring back the Legacy Gym System. A system that although intimidating, many times ended up in a team effort to either prestige or take a gym down. It was the ultimate test of skill, dedication, teamwork and Pokémon knowledge to take a gym down and prestige it to a level 10 gym for your team.
We’re not asking for all gyms to be changed over to the Legacy Gym system. With the growing number of Pokémon gyms that have been added since the new gym system was introduced, it allows room for only some of the gyms to be switched back to the Legacy system, maybe 1/3 or 1/2, creating a combination of gym types.
It is our belief that, this would bring back the high-level players who embraced the Legacy Gym System, but were turned off by the new system. Additionally, it introduces a new challenge to the newer players, and those players that don’t prefer the Legacy Gym System can simply stick to the new system that may fit more to their level of play.
The Legacy Gym System can adopt some of the new rules introduced by the new system, such as no repeat Pokémon in one gym, bringing even more diversity to the Pokémon we see defending gyms. It would add to the variety we now see in Pokémon Go, in comparison to when the game was first released: Raids, Gen 1 & 2 Mons, Legendary mons, and multiple gym systems. 

Please sign this petition and show Niantic that this game can grow and appeal to every level player with this change. Thank you!

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