A Homeless shelter for Welland Ontario.

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Hello fellow citizens, my name is Stephanie Swartz. I bring this petition into existence in hopes that enough people want to assist in making a change in our community. In 2015 Wellands homeless shelter formerly known as The Hope house closed their doors due to inadequate funding, ever since then there has been few places that are available for people to go when left with nothing. Now most people who seek help are being diverted to other cities in the region. Its an ever growing problem that needs to be addressed, past attempts have been made and shot down by city council. I am hoping that if enough people see this issue and we band together as a community that the Niagara Region and the City of Welland will help in doing something about it. How many construction/ contracting companies, home improvement stores, and people of our community could potentially volunteer their time? Probably a great amount. I understand that everyone is in a bind right now due to Covid except its not money that I'm asking for, its care, compassion, time and empathy. These people who live in parks, under bridges or in vacant building deserve the basic human needs just like you and I. Food, weather appropriate clothing, somewhere safe to rest. All I'm trying to do here is spread awareness & hope the community will come together with me. So please if you have ever been in a similar situation or know someone who has (which I'm sure most people do) sign this petition. We can't spell community without UNITY. Thank you everyone for your time.