Stop the Demolition of Lundy's Lane School at Green's Corners

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On July 16, Niagara Falls City Council, for the second time in three months, voted to tear down history, this time  rescinding the historical designation of a Niagara Falls building (Lundy's Lane School at Green's Corner, 7565 Lundy's Lane) so that it could be torn down rather than preserved. The first this year was the decision to tear down the original Niagara Falls City Hall on Queen Street, a building constructed before confederation.

This cannot go on; a tangible link to the past helps ground our community, and a city that does not care about its heritage does not care about its people. The whole point of 'heritage' designation is to protect buildings from the myopia of term elected government. It is not to be cast aside for expediency. This building must be saved, and Council must  do better a better job of preserving Niagara Falls historical buildings.

There are 30 days for an appeal once Council posts public notice. Please sign this petition to stop the destruction of yet another heritage building in Niagara Falls.

Note: the name of the building is as it appears on the Niagara Falls Heritage Properties website