I support legal cannabis cultivation in Niagara Falls, Ontario

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A proposal has been brought to our city to convert a former chicken farm to a medical cannabis farm. Niagara Falls city council has been asked to allow an amendment to the agricultural zoning that would permit cannabis as a crop. This facility means full time, year long jobs as well as some seasonal jobs at harvest time. Four years ago our council was faced with cannabis applications on industrial lands. They chose to allow them ONLY on agriculturally zoned property and no other applications came forward. We lost out on hundreds of good paying jobs (the Cannabis industry pays 5% more than the average Canadian job according to stats Canada). We can not afford to send out the message that Niagara Falls is closed for the Cannabis business  We need these jobs. I, the undersigned, ask NF council to allow this amendment and accept cannabis for what it is, a legal, safe alternative medicine that helps a lot of people. Do not tell this emerging industry we don't want them here.