Refund Tuition for Niagara College Students

Refund Tuition for Niagara College Students

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Tyler Harris started this petition to Niagara College

Online / modified education is NO WHERE NEAR the level of education us students would receive in class at the campus. As students studying in a field we enjoy or want to make a career of for our future, online education doesn't cut it.

Starting about March of 2020 Niagara College has been using online as a way to "teach" the students. It wasn't an easy transition over as no one knew what was happening or how to navigate the online education. The transition was also not easy as us students went from interactive, question asking, visual and auditory learning; to teaching our self and "hoping" we were understanding and are doing the right things.

Studying in a field you want to possibly make a career of and not knowing half of what you should know isn't right. Niagara College should make us students confident that we know what we are doing and that we know the information about our field. 

There is a huge lack of information being taught to us not being in a physical class room. Listed below are only some of the reasons why online education isn't equivalent to in person learning.

1. Communication between professor and student

  • With no in person learning you aren't able to get the clarification a student would need and lack the opportunity to ask a question.
  • You are able to email your professor but how long until you hear a response? It can range from days to weeks.

2. Lectures

  • Almost all lectures have been shortened. Lectures that would have been 1- 3 hours are now 30 minutes to an 1 hour. 
  • The professors either speed through or do a summary of the lecture. Which means the students are left stranded to figure it out on their own.

3. Issues

  • There are some students whos Wi-Fi may not be working and miss the "lecture". 
  • There are some students who might not be able to afford a newer laptop/ computer that is able to keep up with the 3rd party learning, or just don't have one in general.
  • Professors also need to take into account that the students all have  different learning styles. Some students might need to have more assistance or learn better sitting in a classroom etc....

4. Facilities 

  • There are limited access to the facilities Niagara College has to offer


This petition does not include everything, as there are more circumstances to add from every student. 

I also believe Niagara College wasn't fully ready to return with online learning as students are undergoing issues all of the time. Niagara College needs to work on upgrading the online education platform, increase the learning we should be receiving and decrease email wait times.

In conclusion I believe the students aren't receiving the education they need or should be at FULL tuition prices. 

*Side note* 

Not everyone is in class, some students are fully online, some have in class once a week and some have in class once every other week. Niagara college still makes you pay for parking as multiple students have received parking tickets.

Also Niagara College makes student's attended their fitness labs(gym class) in person while ALL gyms across Ontario are currently closed. All students are also required to work out while wearing masks at all times.


0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!