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NIA - Keep Families Together

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NIA - Keep Families Together

入出國及移民署 ﹣家人團聚


Petition to National Immigration Agency of Taiwan (NIA) to grant permanent residency and work permits to the children and spouses of foreign professionals who are holders of Alien Permanent Residency Certificates (APRC).

在台獲准永久居留證的外籍專業人士為其配偶及家人向台灣 入出國及移民署 請求申請台灣的永久居留證和工作證

Over the years many foreign professionals established themselves with their families in Taiwan. Fifteen to twenty years later, their children, who were born or grew up here, identify themselves with Taiwan as their home country. However, because the current law does not consider them any more dependents of their parents, they now are forced to leave Taiwan. This situation creates distress for the entire family which is torn apart while the young adults have to start anew in a country where they often have no foundation. Also, the fact that spouses don’t receive their own work permit complicates their integration into Taiwan society. In case of unpredictable events (accident or death of spouse, divorce etc.) they and their children have to leave the country within a short period of time.

歷年來許多外籍專業人士在台灣落地生根,他們在台灣建立和經營他們的家庭,15年20年之後,這些外籍小孩,他們生在這裡,長在這裡,他們認同台灣就是他們的國家。然而,因為現行法律的規定,導致他們在成年後必須要被迫離開台灣。由於新成年的子女將被迫到一個完全沒有基礎的國家重新開始生活,這樣的情形,也讓整個家庭陷入被迫分離居住的痛苦中。另外,外籍專業人士的配偶若能獲得台灣的永久居留證和工作證, 將有助於他們融入台灣當地的生活,假若有不可預測的意外之事(例如配偶的意外或死亡,或離婚等等),他們的配偶和小孩就可以不用在限期內離境。

As a solution we request a modification of Article 15  (Amended date: 2012.10.25)  “Regulations Governing Visiting, Residency, and Permanent Residency of Aliens” by removing the condition "based upon the investment immigration" so that
-    foreign spouses and minor dependents of APRC holders will also be eligible for an APRC together with the main applicant
-    young adults who were born in or entered Taiwan as minor dependents of APRC holders and who are currently residing in Taiwan (for example because of university study)  will also be eligible for an APRC
-    young adults who were born in or entered Taiwan as minor dependents of APRC holders but were forced to leave because of the regulations will also be eligible for an APRC upon request

為解決此一問題,我們請求修改 “外國人停留居留及永久居留辦法”第15條的規定並放寬擴大適用於在台所有外國專業人士的配偶及其未成年子女永久居留證的申請


﹣ 外籍專業人士的配偶及其未成年子女可隨主申請人同時獲得台灣的永久居留證。
﹣ 在台灣出生現已成年或在原入境台灣時為未成年的子女但現仍合法居留在台者(如在大學就讀的學生)能隨主申請人同時獲得台灣的永久居留證。
﹣  現已成年但在原入境台灣時為未成年的子女,在成年後已被迫離台者亦可隨主申請人同時獲得台灣的永久居留證。

Granting APRCs to all family members of the main APRC applicant will allow the families to stay together and lead a normal life. It will also provide safety in case of misfortune. The nation of Taiwan will benefit from the contributions of a thriving international community, which loves Taiwan, keeps its laws and pays their taxes.




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