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NI Stalking Victims left to fight their stalker alone, or pay civil law for protection

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Stalking NI is petitioning to ask that the re-vicitmisation STOPS,  for those who are being  stalked, though both civil and rare criminal,  lengthy court  proceedings, which results in little being done to stop the relentless behaviour of the stalker, causing further long term impact  on a person’s emotional and mental health, physical, and biological well being. Due to the nature of stalking the persistent behaviour will not stop,  as they know they won’t receive a CRIMINAL PROSECUTION. There is no police punishment so why should they stop?

If mental distress and emotional abuse was a CHARGEABLE offence under the Protection from Harassment Order 1997, this would see stalking victims receiving the justice and the protection they need. At present our laws don’t recognise the mental health impact of stalking, or have specific stalking laws and still call it harassment. 

Current unreasonable criminal court evidence makes it near impossible, for the PPS to prosecute,  due to the impossible standard of evidence required and no linking to the primary target of the stalker of third party victims, or previous stalking victims. It is also left to the victim to gather their own evidence, by the police without any understanding of the fear and trauma that is placed on them, when facing their stalker. The DOJ needs to equip the PSNI to handle this at the onset and to show they MEAN BUSINESS!!

Stalking is a mental health issue, and ALL Government departments have a duty of care, to ensure that the correct laws are in place, that protect the people who live here, and to scrutinise the work of those in place to protect its constituents.  Stalking NI believes that the MENTAL HEALTH IMPACT IS A PRIORITY, and our current laws need to change to protect and comply with Article 8, Right to Respect for Private and Family Life.

Stalking NI is asking for long overdue legislation that is still to be implemented within Northern Ireland,  in line with The Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010,  England and Wales 2012, which provides a specific CRIMINAL OFFENCE  of stalking, and to make this a PSNI CHARGEABLE offence in Northern Ireland.   

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