Northern Ireland needs a Climate Act #ClimateActNI

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The Youth Climate Association Northern Ireland (YCANI) requires the Northern Irish Assembly write a Climate Act to ensure that Northern Ireland achieves specific set targets in tackling the climate and ecological emergency and to create and implement this strategy to achieve those targets. 

The IPCC report mentions island nations are particularly vulnerable to climate change as stated in chapter We are urging the Northern Ireland Assembly to listen to this science and make the necessary changes to combat the climate and ecological emergency and the threats that come with it.


It shall the duty of the NI Assembly to ensure when Northern Ireland writes the Climate Act, it will: 

a)  PROVIDE A TIME FRAMEWORK of the Climate Act with specific targets for  tackling the climate and ecological emergency and of what Northern Ireland will look like for decades to come. For the purpose of achieving those targets, the act must: 

    (i) be legally binding - the government is forced to act, and that the Climate Act is passed at Stormont within the next year. 

    (ii) set out step by step how the assembly will achieve their set targets by actively reducing emissions to the lowest feasible levels, according to the best scientific evidence  

    (iii) treat the climate and ecological emergency as an emergency and act with the same urgency as the COVID19 pandemic, ensuring targets and actions are in place for combatting these crises. 


A just transition should always be in place. Refer to the Trade Union Congress “A just transition to a greener, fairer economy”. The Climate Act must also ensure equity and climate justice.


  1. always refers to and act on the best available science and their advice of keeping to or under 1.5 degrees target
  2. In seeking to achieve the targets set by the Climate Act, the NI Assembly must consult with; the Committee on Climate Change (the independent advisory body for uk) and any other public body protecting the environment in NI 

When building a framework for the Climate Act for we urge the Northern Ireland Assembly to take into consideration the following demands (Summary):

1. the need to establish an independent Climate and Ecology Emergency body 
the need to establish a system with emission budgets to act as a stepping stone towards our long-term targets.

2. We demand a Climate Act that works to and puts in place legislation to help our nation become carbon neutral.

3. The need to invest in the green energy sector, which will benefit long term by creating jobs and boosting the NI economy. Short term, clean energy infrastructure creates 2 times as many jobs per dollar as fossil fuel investments, as well as being less susceptible to off-shoring. 

4. The need to upgrade all existing buildings and building new ones so they achieve maximum energy efficiency, water efficiency, safety, affordability, comfort, and durability

5. The need to support sustainable farming that does not harm the natural world further

6. the need to invest in public transport, namely zero-emission vehicle infrastructure and manufacturing

7. The need to restore ecosystems through land preservation, afforestation, and other sustainable science-based projects