Stop sickle cell deaths from NHS neglect

Stop sickle cell deaths from NHS neglect

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L Airey started this petition to Amanda Pritchard, CEO (NHS England) and

My son died needlessly in hospital following a sickle cell crisis. 

Sickle cell mainly affects people of Afro Caribbean heritage. My son went into Northwick Park Hospital one day and died needlessly the next day due to lack of basic care.

The hospital did not follow guidelines for the treatment of acute pain in sickle cell crisis situations. My son was first medicated with morphine, then left in excruciating pain once the medication wore off. His behaviour whilst reeling around in pain on the floor was recorded and he was offered paracetamol which cannot alleviate that level of pain. He said he felt like a caged animal.

He was then not regularly monitored, and observations were not adequately recorded. My son was pronounced dead by around 11am the next day.

Nurse retrospective notes up to 6 hours after observations recorded that he was sleeping when he was in fact being overdosed on morphine. It was kitchen staff who alerted the nurses that my son was unresponsive as his breakfast was untouched when they went to collect his plates. 

My son, who was 46 years old, had been in hospital over 40 times and I am appalled to have witnessed the poor levels of care many times, until he was eventually killed.

How can it be that the level of care, awareness and understanding has not changed from 40 years ago?

Tyrone lived his life as best he could on his terms. A true creative, who pursued his passion as a singer and songwriter under the name of Tai Malone. He was up and coming, loved by his fans, had been nominated for awards and had so much more to look forward to. He tried his best not to be defined by having sickle cell, and just needed the right levels of care whenever he was struck down in crisis. I was always so proud of him constantly picking himself up after a crisis to get back on track and carry on making the most of his life.

The coroner at the inquest ruled that the hospital's negligence contributed to my son's death. He would not have died when he did if basic care was rendered.

The hospital has now said 'sorry' and confirmed that no staff on the ward had any training in how to deal with a sickle cell patient.

My son is not the only one to die from neglect following a sickle cell crisis, there have been others. Sufferers are treated like naughty children when they cannot cope with the pain. They are often denied their pain and dismissed. 

How many more deaths will there be due to the lack of understanding and basic care for sickle cell sufferers?

We need immediate and effective change. Better awareness, relevant and on-going training is needed for all doctors and nurses. Training needs to be carried out across all wards nationwide.

Please sign and share this petition for this long overdue change, for greater understanding and better care for sickle cell sufferers. We must prevent needless deaths and the suffering caused to loved ones left behind, to live with the knowledge that their loved one did not need to die.

Thank you for your support.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 50,000!
At 50,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!