To allow birthing partner to attend labour during the COVID19 outbreak

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Currently the Covid 19 pandemic is sweeping the world and women are being denied the rights to give birth alongside their partner. 
Each day the rules are changing drastically and some hospitals in the U.K. & Ireland are denying expectant mothers to have one birthing partner with them, even if they are from the same household.

Currently, one partner from the same household is allowed to accommodate. Once the baby is born the partner is asked to leave and denied access to other wards which is totally understandable as it can become overcrowded and potentially put others and babies at risk! This I agree with implicitly. 
If you arrive together at the hospital, go through labour on labour ward together and then partner leaves how is this not acceptable especially if you have both been self isolating together. 
My mother is currently self isolating to ensure she can come and watch my two small boys when the time comes. 
Hope birth is then an option however you have to adopt the 2metre policy and only allowed 1 partner with you so who looks after my children whilst I’m trying to deliver a baby downstairs in the front room? My children hearing or seeing me in pain is not an option. I’ve also been told that ambulance response time and midwife arrival may be slower than normal due to the strain on the NHS at present and home births terrify me if something was to go wrong! 

This is a terrifying time as it is but to then be told that you may have to face this alone is so much more stressful and I am consumed with anxiety and upset that it’s not good for me or the baby. I am creating this petition with the hopes that it is not brought into play at any hospitals and that fathers can be present to witness their child being born and so that mothers have someone by their side for comfort. Having given birth twice before I know for a fact that having a person by your side whom loves you and cares for you is one of the only things that gets you through labour and I will fight for this. And for all the other worried expectant mums out there x