Please give me the medication I need.

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NHS Tayside are denying me the treatment which will save me from surgery. They have flatly denied to continue to prescribe me with a medication which I respond well to and that will prevent me from having to go under the knife. I have very important exams approaching and I am gradually getting more and more ill without the medication I need. Should my condition continue to worsen I am faced with failing my exams and having my entire bowel removed. For me this would mean the last year has been a complete waste of time and effort. I have taken a year out of work and sacrificed so much to go back to school and apply to university. Right now the whole dream could come crashing down. 

In the past I have been treated with infliximab in Australia and New Zealand after having failed to respond to any other treatment. My illness has hospitalized me twice and threatened my life. I understand that this is an expensive medication but I have no choice left but to beg the NHS Tayside to grant me it. I received funding for this medication when I lived in Leeds as my case was considered by the local health authority on an individual basis. Why can't NHS Tayside step up and provide the same level of care?

The pattern of my illness (Ulcerative Colitis) is such that I may be bed ridden and in hospital within a month should NHS Tayside continue to deny me infliximab treatment. This coincides with the start of my exams - exams which decide whether I can meet the conditions of my university offers to study speech and language therapy. 

At the last appointment my doctor told me that I would not be getting anymore infliximab - the only treatment that alleviates the symptoms of my disease. He was completely unapologetic and refused to reconsider my case. I am a 27 year old woman, faced with life altering surgery because of the failure of NHS Tayside. I am being treated as a number on a list where I believe each personal case should be treated on an individual basis. It is not my fault that I have this chronic condition and that the only treatment I respond to is funded for Crohn's patients but not Ulcerative Colitus patients by NHS Tayside.  

Please sign my petition to urge NHS Tayside to treat me with infliximab - a treatment that allows me to live a normal life - instead of allowing my condition to deteriorate until I have no choice but to have my bowels completely removed. This would completely ruin my life as I currently know it - leading to incontinence, chronic dehydration, pregnancy complications, potential of a botched surgery and infection, and above all the potential of having an ostomy for the rest of my life. 

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my petition and ask you to please sign to help to save my bowels, my life and my future.

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