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Support for people with brain injuries

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When I was nine years old I suffered a brain injury, I underwent surgery on my brain after a road traffic accident and suffered deeply from the impact it had on my family and friends, getting my life back together wasn't as easy as it seemed, on paper it was black and white but taking the steps was a completely different story, as well as being very ill in hospital, I also had lots of strange emotions and feelings running through my mind, I had been on life support machine and I had to relearn how to do most things such as eat, speak, walk and generally day to day things. My family and friends tell me I'm one of the strongest people they know, and have supported me more than I could ask, but to me these emotions tell me otherwise. I finished school with 6 passed GCSEs and went on to do hairdressing and beauty, gaining level one beauty and hairdressing, and level 2 hairdressing with lots of support, by 18 I became severely depressed and didn't feel I had anything to live for, But I carried on with support of family and friends. I started receiving counsilling and felt I was getting better, after paying quite a lot of money (as the NHS does not provide specialist care for people with brain injuries) I found my self at yet another setback, and I had no clue what to do, so I stopped the councilling and carried on with my very confusing life.At 22 everything took a drastic turn when I found I couldn't cope with how I was feeling, I ended up going back to the doctors (after many times with no luck) and was told there simply is no support for people with brain injuries and if I wanted the help I needed I'd have to go privately or through charities, which I thought was a disgrace. I was also told by different doctors they think I have bipolar and schizophrenia, I felt a lot of frustration and like I had been "let down" by my health care system.  My goal now is to get more people understanding how having a severe brain injury affects someone's life, and to get them the help and support they need. I have found the charities MIND and Headway are excellent but I also am presuming they have a awful lot of pressure on them and a large amount of people coming to them in need of help. Please sign my petition to get us what we NEED and DESERVE! At 22 I am now living my life to the best of my ability but it could be better if we had support around us. Thankyou for reading my story. 

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