Student Nurses on placements to be paid for covering for trained nurses during COVID-19

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During the COVID-19 outbreak, some student nurses, currently on hospital placement, are being advised by their university to continue with their placements to cover for trained nurse shortages. 

Student nurses on placement are supernumerary and are not paid.  Many have student loans and also commitments of rental for accommodation and really, just living! Many also have to work paid part time jobs on top of working full 12-13 hour shifts at their placement hospital, just to keep their heads above water. 

I ask that these student nurses are paid for their time, at the very least at the moment, when they are having to cover for trained, paid and experienced nurses for zero pay! Their loyalty towards their chosen career and to the NHS is being tested to the  limit in these mad times. We need to retain these student nurses for everyone’s future and for the future of the NHS.  

These student nurses, some at only 18 years old, are being treated with disrespect and are having to work a placement taking far more responsibility than they should be at this stage of their training. We must help them!! 

Even if we did not have a crisis situation at the moment, they still should be paid for hospital placements, their student loans cancelled with no pay back, including their maintenance grants. 

They desperately need our help!