Smoking should be banned

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If smoking was banned, then it would be a greater place for all, because I'm aged 17 I would love for my future and generations and beyond to be a more healthier and happy place to grow up! In as I would love to know that I have helped teenagers to stop smoking if they do. The reason why I want to ban smoking  is because every year there is some diagnosis that is caused by smoking, this doesn't do your cardiovascular system or respiratory system any good. It damages them. Please make are futures, healthier, brighter and better. The solution would be to use alternative therapies such as, Swimming, massaging, yoga, meditation for stress and relaxation Instead of SMOKING, my mum and my other relatives do smoke, and I have always said since I was very young. 'It's a disgusting habit' and I'm fearful for there futures and there health complications that will arise! And the reason why I care so much for smoking to be banned is because my grandma smoked most of her life, and then in 2009 she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and was suffering with the disease for 6 yrs as it was also spreading to other parts of her body which was devastating to watch her physically become more ill. Unfortunately she died in 2015 age 68, and this is also why I want people to stop smoking so they can have a more of a prosperous postive future.