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Recognise the experience of the overseas nurse and employ her at the right band not 5 only

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Nurses and other healthcare proffessionals have very valuable experience from their overseas practice. They are experts and highly qualified in their areas of practise. However when they start yworking in UK after the gruelling process of adaptation ,not forgetting passing the nightmare IELTS test, Their ego suffer a major blow as they have to start as a newly qualified band 5 staff.

As if that is not enough, promotions and their career progress remain at a standstill for a while. Some managers who see beyond the new immigrant worker strive to tap the stored wealth of experience and they marvel at the human resource assets they can be.

it is a shame  how quickly it is to for the native nurse to progress into positions of responsibility effortlessly in the face of the highly qualified overseas employees who have to overprove themselves as fit for the post. They often have to work under the inexperienced nurses having been forced to shelve their own rich experience in healthcare service delivery because systems.

It is such a waste of skills and knowledge .

Kindly give the overseas proffessionals a fair chance in this area and prove them wrong in their execution of duties and responsibilities. Anyhow try this and get prepared for excellent health care service delivery and leadership that stands the test of time.

This in essence is in retaliation of the fact that some of these nurses have been leaders and managers of very complex units and hospitals in their previous overseas practice.It becomes a shame that because of change of location, they have to burry this achievement  to a level as low as that of a newly qualified nurse yet some harbour experiences of over 5 to 20 years experience 

I believe there is a way that after all the verification and adaption/ preceptorship is completed, a further light step can be taken to identify these abilities and put every professional in the right cadre .

This when achieved will yield positive results in motivating the employee, boost the ego and the inner self drive. As such the employer will benefit from better commitment at work from employees with better retention rates.

Employees will feel valued and strive for career progression. Consequently healthecare clients will have a positive experience from services delivered by happy people!


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