Paramedics to be on site at fairground attractions.

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On Sunday my 8 year old son collapsed in cannon hill park Birmingham he had a seizure and was totally unconscious for 19 minutes. I rang the ambulance straight away and gave the call handler specific clear instructions as to which part of the park we were waiting at. After 18 minutes of trying to explain again our location the ambulance couldn't  gain access to the park and took a further 7 minutes to reach us only after a fair attendant ran out to meet the ambulance and direct them. This was a horrific incident as any parent can imagine seeing your child unconscious  on the floor with a weak pulse is extremely distressing. In my case I have God  to thank that my child was ok once taken to hospital but it could  have been very diffrent what if  a child was drowning? or there was a fault with a ride? and a child need urgent medical attention which would be the difference  between life or death. This is just not good enough our kids lives are at risk if it takes 25 minutes for an ambulance to gain access  to well known park, I understand the ambulance service are already under great strain but was totally appalled and disgusted at the fact there is only one access point for emergency services in such a huge park therefore  i urge West Midlands ambulance service to provide paramedics on site or at least a medically trained response team in the event of any accident. We know accidents can happen at anytime unfortunately especially at fair grounds and think the emergency services need to be more prepared, when there are football matches we often see a huge presence of police riot vans on standby incase of any violence so it is ok for such a large amount of taxpayers money to be used to fund police on standby for football hooligans but not for serious incidents involving children which may be critical. Please sign this petition to make a change for the safety of our children and loved ones to make sure this or worse does not happen again. Every signature truly counts towards making a change.