Obese, Black & Lesbian. Right to Live

Obese, Black & Lesbian. Right to Live

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Michael AJIKE started this petition to NHS and

My sisters details are as followed

Name: Stella K. A.

Because she is obese, black, and lesbian she has been discriminated and put on partway to die. The problem is she must use an NIV mask to aid here respiration and breathing but due her mental health she does not tolerate it and keeps on removing the mask. So, the doctors have condemned her to die. Her social worker has not visited her in over 1 month, she was put in assisted living facilities but during Covid lockdown nobody look after her. When did the NHS become the JUDGE, JURY AND EXECUTIONER TO DETERMINE THAT SHE MUST DIE? She needs 1 to 1 nursing to make sure she keeps on the face mask.

She has been with Adult social care for over 30 Years. She was moved from her previous address in Ladywood Birmingham to an assisted care home address in Handsworth after she was deed not fit to live without vigilance and unable to take proper care of herself.

She has the mental age of a 12 year old and no way should she have been put in a position to be ask for the right to die. This is medical abuse. She should have 1 to 1 nursing to encourage her to use the NIV mask. 

Mental Health People live matter as well

Mental Health Act: states that she should not be asked these question without notification of care or social worker or next of kin

Discrimination: Stella was forced to make a life and death decision without visit or notification of kin and family members who had been refused information via phone and visit in over 30 days

Decision to stop treatment: She is mentally ill. How can it be legal to stop treatment because a mentally ill person removes an NIV mask


British Institute of Human Rights Act: Treatment must be given even if the patient refuses due to mental illness


Mental Health Act 1983: She should have a Second opinion appointed doctor and an independent mental health advocacy.


Human Right Act 1998 updated 9/07/2021

Article 2: The right to Life: The hospital must take steps to protect your life

Article 3: The right not to be tortured: The refusal of information to family and kin via phone and refusal of visit even when informed that we are her kin equal torture.

Article 6: The right to a fair trial: Stella was sentenced to DEATH without the capacity of perfect understanding without reasonable doubt what she was compiling to. I have ask if she wants to live and she cries YES YES. She should have been evaluated by a psychiatrics to make sure she was in sound mind and understanding  

Article 8: The right to a private & family life refusal: Inpatient was refused family contact or family were not updated about her condition


0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!