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More discussion needed about Pelvic Organ Prolapses

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On the 1st of May 2016, whilst in the toilet, I noticed I had a pulge protruding from my vagina.  After seeing specialists, I was diagnosed with a womb and posterior prolapse. On August the 11 I had surgery the procedures where a posterior repair and sacrospinous fixation of the uterus! I was released on the 13th, but was back in due to infections. Recovery was slow but I thought I was starting to get somewhere.

 I returned to work in October and was looking forward. Unfortunately I had 2 more prolapses, Rectal and Cervix. In May 2017 I had more surgery, laparoscopic ventral mesh rectopexy plus abdominal hysteropexy! However things didn't quite go as planned, what should have been a three and a half hour operation, turned into a six hour one. They had to separate my vaginal wall from my back wall from the last surgery! The dissection was a lot more trickier than they thought, and they had to put a hole in my vagina, which has kinda been fixed, in the end they used the same piece of mesh to hold my rectal prolapse, plus my cervix and posterior wall! This has left me badly scarred inside and they would be reluctant to do this type of surgery again, leaving me with limited options if it comes back

I was in the hospital for a week recovering, and to this day I still suffer from nerve pain caused by the damage done

For the last two years, my life has been on hold because of this, I suffer from depression, have intamicy issues and I'm in a lot of pain. It has impacted my relationship with my friend and family, due to the nature of the issues, it's not something you feel comfortable talking about

They can't say for sure what has caused these prolapses, I have two beautiful girls, and had really easy pregnancies, they were both small babies, I didn't need any forceps or stitches and I'm not overweight. I had never heard of Prolapses, and it was never mentioned by my GP's

Looking back, I know there was warning signs, but without knowing what it was, I was unable to prevent it from getting worse, or undo the damage.

What I'm campaigning for, is more material about Pelvic Organ Prolapses, it needs to be discussed more, antenatal classes, 6 weeks check up after birth, when your getting your smear test. Women should be made aware that pushing at birth and forceps can lead to Prolapses. There needs to be reading materials out there, that provide information and support if you have got one. I found it so hard to find any relevant information on my prolapses and my options, I depended on my specialists, but even they where at a loss to explain why I was experiencing all these prolapses.

My last surgery was 8 months ago, and have been diagnosed with two more prolapses, my cervix and interior wall, infact, everything that can collapse has. Because of all the pressure on my back end, I now get hemorrhoids and am generally just uncomfortable.

I am only 35, I have lost my dignity along the way after so many invasive examinations, I'm not sure what treatment I can get with my damaged insides, but worst of all I feel unwomenly, I feel unsexy, ashamed, disgusted, and worst of all I feel as if the parts that make me a woman have failed me. I have been examined by so many different doctors and specialists, I don't really feel as if my body belongs to me.

So I am asking you to sign this petition to get information out to women, to educate them, warn them of the symptoms and everyday exercises they can do to strengthen their pelvic floor. Make it part of antenatal classes, something discussed at your midwife appointments. When you get your 6 week check up, get them to examine you; don't just answer questions. At your smear tests, even a pamphlet to read whilst in the waiting room at your doctors. It is more common in women of all ages than you think, and I believe the NHS and the Government should be doing more the highlight it




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