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Make all NHS hospitals policies on action over reduced movements in pregnancy the same.

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Pregnancy is a difficult and worrying time for any parent and mums are constantly told to watch their babies movements. Sadly some hospitals policies are still that you have to be 28 weeks to be monitored or scanned, before this only a heartbeat will be checked. This needs to change.

I was a normal healthy pregnancy until 25 weeks. My babies movements started to decrease and I let professionals know, but I wasn't listened to. I knew her pattern, I knew she wasn't moving as much.

I went in several times but pretty quickly discovered our hospitals policy along with some other hospitals is still 28 weeks to be scanned or monitored.

Checking for a heartbeat does not ensure baby is ok. If a baby has a heartbeat then you would assume all is fine, but sometimes this is not the case at all and baby is in trouble. Professionals tell you not to use home dopplers for reassurance for this very reason! Yet still a lot of hospitals policies state this is all that will be done if a mum is in for reduced movements.

My little girl continued to slow down for nearly 3 weeks until her heartbeat was finally gone at 27+5. Going through delivering a stillborn baby is one of the worst things I and other mums will ever have to go through.

But not all mums who go through this have too! I have since had our results and cause of death was smaller than normal & failing placenta. A simple scan would have picked this up and it would likely have been a very different story. Since speaking to other mums through SANDS I now know I am not alone in being told a simple scan would have saved my babies life.

But that is no comfort to us now, we have already buried our children. All because our hospitals policy is strict 28 weeks no matter what.

I now want to try and get this policy changed. A baby is classed as viable from 24 weeks and although monitoring before 28 weeks may be difficult with how small baby is. Something as simple as a five minute scan could save a babies life and prevent a mum going through the same heartache me and other mums have gone through of burying their child.

Some hospitals already do scan from 24 weeks. Please help fight for every hospital to lower the policy to viability age and save other babies!

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