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Lower the smear test age

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Im 25 i had my smear test in september 2017, i was petrified to go, the thought of going and i had read so many horror stories "it hurts" "you bleed after" but when it came down to it i did it for the sake of myself. Days went by and i heard nothing in my head i kept saying "no news is good news" then that dreaded letter came "following your smear test we have found servere abnormal cells" at that point you stop and freeze, the horrible thoughts run through your mind, you instantly think cancer... silly i know. I attended my colposcopy sitting in the waiting room reading the dreading posters on the wall "cancer support" then went in for my biopsys, he said everything looked healthy you have that sense of relief, yet he still took samples, again another up to 4 week wait... the dreaded wait for that dreaded letter. 2 weeks later it arrived again the dreaded words "pre cancerous cells" "need treatment" so back i go waiting in that same waiting room this time feeling more anxious.  Few tears to the consultant and my lletz treatment was over 1/4 of cervix removed and again the dreaded wait for another letter to tell me if i had to have more treatment, or wait and have a smear test in 6 months. I prayed so bad that the letter would come and say " smear test 6 months" and guess what? It did! Finally i felt some normality back. I now have the dreaded wait to have my smear test in 6 months, am i petrified? Yes i am!

All i want to achieve is to inspire and support women of all ages and encourage them to go get your smear test, im 100% certain that you would rather spare 2 mins of your time than gamble your life because you "couldn't be bothered" 

I honestly believe and feel so strongly that the smear test age should be at least 20 years old! If you could please all back me in this and lets makes a difference, stand together and support each other to make the difference!

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