Investigate miscarriage and baby loss the moment it happens!

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This is a subject that in recent months has become very close to my heart.

In May 2016, my fiancé and I sadly lost our baby to a 'missed miscarriage'. While we sat in the hospital waiting room waiting to hear what happens next, the midwife was giving us all these leaflets and filling our minds full of facts and figures. One in particular that stood out to me was that what happened to us is not rare and infact '1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage'. The first thing that shocked me, was the fact this statement was supposed to make us feel better, the second is why are so many babies gone before 24 weeks of pregnancy.


After receiving such bad news we were just sent on our way and told to wait for me to give birth to our baby naturally, at home, when my body was ready. For over a week I had to go about my daily work life knowing I still carried my baby who was gone. Until one morning I passed our baby on my bathroom floor. Another hospital trip due to horrendous bleeding, and again we were sent away, I was told to take a pregnancy test 2-3 weeks later and if negative all was ok to try again! 2-3 weeks later, I did the negative pregnancy test, a week after that I was still bleeding. I took a trip to my GP to be told all was normal. Whilst there I thought id let them know we were planning to try again. Following this, I asked if there was any way we could try to figure out why this had happened to me obviously so we could prevent it happening again. My GP told me no health professional will carry out tests until a woman has miscarried AT LEAST 3 of her children.


After some research I have found 15-20% of pregnancies end in miscarriage and 75% of these being in the first 12 weeks. I have since discovered 90 per cent of miscarriages are caused by a diagnosable condition. I personally know couples who have had to experience recurrent miscarriage due to such minor reasons such as over active immune systems, Hughes Syndrome (Sticky blood syndrome) and incompatibility due to blood types. These couples who had the disorders diagnosed via simple blood tests (which take a few minutes to complete by your GP) now have living children. Other tests include biopsies of the womb lining to check progesterone levels and scans for polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). Most of these diagnosis are easily treatable i.e progesterone levels being adjusted by pills and PCOS being treated by a switch of diet.


Losing our child has to be one of the most tragic, terrifying, traumatic ordeals I have ever experienced, not to mention emotional. The strain it has put on my relationship and the pain and upset myself and my fiancé have had to go through like many couples is extremely off putting in the view of trying to conceive again. Especially knowing this could have to happen to us again twice more at least before anything can be done to find out why.


Not only having to deal with pain physically, as a woman I have had to deal with the pain mentally. Constantly worrying about what is wrong with my body, months of blaming myself, questioning whether there was something I did wrong, I have lost all trust in my body and don't believe I will gain that back until we have a baby here with us.


After looking into all of this understandably extensive tests are expensive and time consuming on our NHS but some of the biggest reasons for miscarriage are easily discovered and once discovered treated easily. I believe and hope through this petition and families working together we can request to improve the NHS system and have miscarriage considered a serious subject. I am terrified of having to go through this again, and my heart goes out to any couples who have suffered from multiple losses. Please lets sign this petition and try to make a change.


Shannon x