Mr. Paul Hawkins Should Be Replaced as CEO of NHS Fife

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Culpable Homicide by Bureaucracy.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to Mr. Paul Hawkins, the CEO of NHS Fife. The policies of secrecy and whitewashing at NHS Fife he oversees will eventually end up costing someone their lives. Regardless of what he is or is not involved in, the buck stops with him and the indemic systematic failures within NHS Fife are clear to see if you look just beneath the skin. 

Sign the petition to have his tenure ended as CEO of NHS Fife:

As many of you are aware, my mother has been the victim of what can only be described as willful malfeasance at the hands of the upper management of NHS Fife.

So far they have:

1. Denied her access for a period of 5 days to humidified oxygen, a very basic medical treatment.

2. Failed to provide suitable rehabilitation seating for her meaning she will likely never walk again.

3. Directed a doctor to enter a room to lambast a complainant after I requested the removal of the doctor from my mothers care because she had been referred to the GMC for the aforementioned, whereby she knocked my pad to the ground.

4. Denied my mother lifesaving surgery to remove a mass from her bladder which the NHS missed in 2015 due to not running a scan they promised on a previous admission. That scan not being done resulted in her being re-admitted to the hospital one week later with a pulmonary embolism and nearly dying. That same scan would have likely revealed this mass.

5. Denied my mother a biopsy to ascertain the pathology of the mass, how long it had been there, what type it was etc.

6. Willfully and deliberately destroyed a second opinion from NHS Lothian, interjecting in the second opinion despite expressly being told not to in writing. The interjection? Two doctors who were instructed not to get involved due to conflict, one who was the original refusing surgeon and the other who was under investigation by the GMC. The second was the hospital's clinical director, who ordered the doctor into the room despite knowing about the GMC complaint against her as noted in number 3 above. This second doctor has now been promoted to the NHS board as the medical director for the whole of NHS Fife.

The other interjection was an email sent by a doctor, instructed to do so by the previously mentioned doctor in which she willfully lied throughout that email resulting in NHS Lothian not doing the formal review of the specific matters which the second opinion was sought for.

After destroying the opinion, they tried to represent an NHS Fife doctor as being from NHS Lothian.

7. Paperwork from NHS Lothian reveals that not only were these doctors involved but they clearly reveal "upper management of NHS Fife in contact with NHS Lothian upper management".

8. The hospital has willfully refused to release medical documentation and are 2 months overdue on a subject access request which is now under investigation by the information commissioner.

9. Two doctors completed and filed a do not resuscitate order on the patient's file and declared it as "unable to contact patients family" which was a lie because we were camped out 24/7 in the hospital.

10. A directive, which we have written proof of was issued by upper management of NHS Fife to medical doctors under the rank of consultant not to interact with the family except in emergencies.

11. The hospital has done procedures and issued medications without notifying the guardian beforehand which is a legal requirement under the adults with incapacity act. I am the guardian. Any item which is classified as a deterioration of the condition is legally required to be notified to a guardian at the first available opportunity. Where it is an emergency consent is not required (for obvious reasons) but where it is not an emergency and the hospital is aware of the guardian, under section 50 of the act they are required by law to seek the consent of the guardian or their autonomous powers under section 47 of the act cease to apply. This is the equivalent of treating a patient without consent.

On such failure to seek consent was the use of soft restraints resulting in the bruising, you see in the picture below.

12. Doctors have broken ranks (surgeons no less) to state that the surgery can be performed and indeed anaesthetic (general) can be overcome by doing an awake surgery. They have done so quietly out of fear of retaliation from the board.

13. The surgeon who denied her original surgery has written to me several times to state that he is not allowed to respond to my questions, a pre-requisite of domains 3 and 4 of the GMC good practice guidlines for doctors because he has been directed not to by upper management.

14. The anaesthesiologist has just point blank refused to respond.

15. On Thursday, we caught the hospital out again. For the past 4 weeks, the hospital has deliberately obfuscated about her weight. I asked repeatedly for those weights. On Thursday I was called to a meeting where they sought to discharge her. However, what the hospital did not know is I had been given her current weight from one of the many leaks from staff who are both disgusted at the board and have a conscience. I won't reveal their names for their own protection but her weight was only 40.9Kg which means that she had dropped from a healthy BMI of 18.5 to only 15.8 in less than four weeks.

For reasons that are long and complicated, we can rule out her not being fed properly, because the nurses have been awesome. We can also rule out infection and indeed we can rule out her M.S as the weight loss cause. This leaves either an unknown medical issue that they haven't investigated or the mass in her bladder, which they refuse to remove (we guess because the normal protocol is pathology which would reveal their liability) is symptomatic despite them saying otherwise.

The hospital did not inform me of this weight loss and they have known for weeks. On the 18th of February, the dieticians prescribed supplements to try to get her to gain weight. This was then doubled on the 26th of february.

The hospital did not tell me about this despite the fact that it is indicative of a medical deterioration and one of the two above medical issues.

In addition, the hospital has refused a second ultrasound to find out what the progress of the mass is. Likely because a comparison with the one in november would yield a growth rate which could be used to calculate how long it has been there.

In both of these scenarios the NHS cannot claim it did not know about the weight loss, a total of 1.2 stone in less than 4 weeks, that is because they actively gave supplements to try and boost her weight.

This is wilful fraud. Not only did they know about it, but then they tried to mask it and FAILED to investigate the underlying cause before trying to discharge the patient.

16. On december 9th I wrote a 26 page complaint to the board. They failed to comply with the 5 day timescale and extended it by 20 working days (1 month). They then failed to meet that timescale and wrote to me extending it another 20 working days (1 month). They failed to comply with that date and extended it by 10 working days (2 weeks). They failed to comply with that and extended another 7 working days (10 days). They failed to comply with that timescale and a week after did respond the day after they asserted she was ready for discharge above. This response was 2 pages long, didn't answer 3/4 of the issues, didn't address the mass in her bladder, attempted to blame the nurses for the failings of doctors and basically said appeal to the SPSO. The SPSO have a timescale of 1 year.

16. As you will see from picture three, a sitting member of the Scottish Parliament has written to me today to advise that she represented these issues to the board, they basically told her to take a hike and said they would not take remedial action. She stated her disappointment at Mr. Hawkins, the CEO of NHS Fife which clearly shows that the board itself is not only involved in this but actively engaged in what is going on.

NHS Lothian files revealed that not only did the doctors interject in destroying the second opinion, as I said above, the upper management of NHS Fife were involved.

If this is not bad enough, this is not the first time I have had a tango with Mr. Hawkins. He pulled the same non-response crap with me in 2017 when the board denied me surgery to sort my type II diabetes caused by NHS Fifes failure to diagnose my illness.

It has taken 2 years but the SPSO has issued its preliminary report on that incident where they state the decision of NHS Fife (which Mr. Hakins was involved in) was arbitrary and not based on scientific evidence of efficacy. They stated that the policy was arbitrary and it was contentious and it was not applied by other boards as a reason.

The SPSO's report is clear and while it does not say it in one phrase (because they are not allowed to render a legal opinion) it states across multiple paragraphs that NHS fifes denial of my surgery was a policy/criterion applied to a person with a protected characteristic (disability) which disadvantaged me compared to other patients seeking similar treatment and that it was applied without a legitimate aim (arbitrary). This means that under the Equality Act 2010, it meets the definition of INDIRECT DISCRIMINATION.

It is my genuine belief that this previous case has a direct bearing on what the board is currently doing to my mother. They have realised the name, they have realised that yet again they have seriously screwed up and they are willing to allow my mother pay the price with her life.

Mr Hawkins, you have bloody on your hands.

In other news, the whole of Fife should understand, Mr. Hawkins is not a stranger to controversy.

In 2015 he left Hywel Dda University Health Board in Wales before becoming CEO of Fife. He left it with a deficit of £31.2 million, the highest in Wales. This health board is still in serious financial difficulties. This is the man who has somehow managed to weedle his way into being CEO of NHS Fife.

Under his tenure in Fife, According to official statistics, a total of £9,138,735 has been spent by NHS Fife on agency workers in 2017/18 compared to £5,871,837 five years ago - an increase of £3.26 million due to his failures to ensure adequate staffing levels. (Dunfermline press 20/06/18)

His COO has had to resign over allegations of misconduct (Sunday Post - 01/07/2018).

Out of hours services in NHS Fife have been branded a sham because of things like a lack of GPs that led to the temporary closure of out-of-hours services in St Andrews Community Hospital, Glenrothes Hospital and at Dunfermline’s Queen Margaret Hospital in April. (courier June 23 2018)

A staff survey by NHS Fife has found that more than a third of employees have no confidence in him nor trust in his senior management team. (Courier June 1 2018)

GP's are reporting staff shortages like Dr Susan Cattanach, who is covering all 3,600 patients at her Fife practice after one colleague resigned and one retired. The normal ratio is The ratio of GPs to patients in Scotland as a whole is one to 1,083. (The times - July 20 2018)

NHS Fife were rapped for 'serious failings' after a lung cancer patient was wrong told they had Asthma. (Herald Scotland: 21st February)

NHS Scotland is investigating a range of misconduct allegations about the NHS Fife Board. (Sunday Post 25 March 2018)

A report in the Dunfermline Press in January revealed NHS Fife has spent £106,000 on taxis for patients at Queen Margaret Hospital in the last three years because of lack of transport.

Last years audit Scotland report showed that NHS Fife failed to meet Inpatient/day
case treatment time guarantees (TTG), which is the guarantee of patients beginning treatment within 12 weeks by almost 8% and Cancer referral to treatment targets, (patients beginning treatment within 62 days) by a whopping 15%.

In January, NHS FIFE was ordered to apologise after failings in care led to a patient at Victoria Hospital contracting a flesh-eating infection. An enquiry into the treatment of the woman, known as Miss C, upheld a series of complaints including a delay in reaching a diagnosis for the necrotising fasciitis. (Dunfermline Press: 2nd January)

On the 11th May 2018, it was reported in the Dunfermline Press that Paul Hawkins and his team could close the minor injuries unit at Queen Margaret and centralise it all to Kirkcaldy.

In a Freedom of Information request reported in the Courier on June 5th 2018, it was revealed that there are patients who have been forced to wait nearly two years to begin mental health treatment.

On 25 FEB 2018, it was reported in the Dunfermline Press that a mum suffering ectopic pregnancy was 'left without food and water' for FIVE days after an operation delay.

These are just some of the things from the last year that has happened within NHS Fife and there is no real way to know how deep the rabbit hole goes.

This is the man who you entrust the wellbeing of your health and that of your families and friends at NHS Fife and the buck stops with him. He left the NHS board in Wales he runs with the biggest deficit in Wales and now he is running NHS Fife into the ground.

Paul Hawkins needs to go! Whether he is pushed by the Scottish Government or whether he resigns of his own accord. He is being paid over £140,000 per year by the taxpayer and is failing at his job. Both him and his board need replaced!