NHS to bring back PFO funding

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Back in 2012 I suffered a stroke, I was 40 years old. I was then diagnosed with a life long illness APS (known as sticky blood). Shortly after I was then diagnosed with a hole in my heart (PFO). This could have aided the stroke, and although on high dose of medication I still continued to have mini strokes. This is believed to be due to the hole in the heart. I have been to 5 hospitals across Essex and London and they all agree I need to have the PFO repaired. This is suposidely a very simple operation and not an absolute fortune, however the NHS have stopped funding for this procedure. This could potentially save my live and I have a bigger chance of watching my son grow into the fine young man I am sure he will be. Please help me with this petition, that won't just help me, but others still awaiting this surgery. 

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