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Stop Dr Francisca Ogunbiyi from being able to work as a Doctor or work with patients

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There has been many incidents in which this doctor has mis  diagnosed patients and then the patient has been seriously ill Or in one case the patient died due to be being diagnosed with vertigo when he was having a stroke . She done the same to my mum when she was having a stroke we got to docs just before it started she made out like it wasn't one the receptionist called a ambulance and when they got to doctors surgery they confirmed it straight away  my mum was having a stroke . She was very rude to my mum and spoke to her like a child and made out like we was lieing . She dumped us in the reception after making us wait for 20 mins outside her room why she was chatting on phone then before she called us in she rang reception and had a go at them for putting my mum in a whee chair outside her room . The ambulance people was disgusted with the way my mum was treated if it wasn't for receptionist my mum wouldn't of made it to hospital in time they also gave  her a aspirin drink that saved her why we was waiting for ambulance as well as put us in a quiet room rather than the waiting area were the stupid doc  had dumped us and gone back to her room the aspirin drink was  again something that the stupid doctor didn't give like she  was supposed to . She didn't care at all for my mum who is disabled  .  She is very rude to patients and talks down to them she is very unkind to them and doesn't care  . There have been many of occasions on which she has sent people away and then later they have ended up in hospital . There is several unhappy people that agree she needs to be sacked and  not be aloud to be around patients or in charge of treating them. She needs her certificate taken away and never be aloud to work as a dr or any part of the nhs again . Here is one of the incidents that happend in which medical negulance made someone loose there life :(

Please sign to try and Get her away from patients and not able to work for NHS and punished for what she is doing and the way she is diagnosing people wrong i have  emailed the NHS complaints and the doctors surgery it's self and they have seen this and if nothing is done I will be taking it further so get signing the more people who sign the more likely she is to be struck off and patients get the care they need 

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