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Change the way pregnant women are monitored in order to save the lives of their unborn children

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Thousands of women each year lose their babies through stillbirths and miscarriages. Thousands of these babies die unnecessarily. After watching the BBC this evening, their programme "born asleep" highlighted two simple procedures, neither of which cost over £15 per pregnancy, in which pregnant women are monitored more closely to establish whether their babies are receiving enough nutrients and oxygen via the placenta; causing their babies to become too small and not develop correctly, and in most cases, die.

I have experienced miscarriage and stillbirth, both myself and my family have lost and mourned babies which were wanted so much.  I know people who have experienced both, whose babies didn't develop properly, and not one of them has ever been given a real reason as to why this has happened to them.

The NHS work tirelessly to cover everything that they can. Every time I have to use them, via my doctor or a&e, I never complain. I have family members who are nurses, midwives and doctors and I understand how the government squeezes the NHS in all it's departments. But for this I have seen and experienced too much.

The BBC programme tonight highlighted two procedures. One a tape measurement which I have had myself and I know other women have also, but used in a different way to monitor the size of the growing baby. This is the first step. Once the size is established, if small, a scan undertaken. But instead of the usual ultrasound, using a piece of equipment called a Doppler scan, which measures how much the baby is receiving through the placenta in nutrients and oxygen, two key components in the growth of an unborn baby. 

The first procedure costs 50p per pregnancy, and the second £15.

The government has said that there isn't enough evidence to support these  procedures being rolled out all over the country.  However, three doctors have proof that they have already saved thousands of lives using these simple procedures.

I want to lobby my MP and government to make these changes throughout the whole of the NHS and not just some hospitals, and not in only those pregnancies which they consider to be "high risk". The midwives and sonographers are already trained, it wouldn't even cost a thing to show them a different way of doing things.

Please sign my petition to make change happen today, before someone else we know experiences, in the words of my midwife and of a former boss of mine, this "natural tragedy". We questioned why the UK wasn't told about babies being laid on their backs rather than their fronts to sleep at night, as they were in New Zealand, and once lobbied and campaigned for, it saved literally thousands of babies' lives. It was called cot death.

Thank you. From my heart. Thank you. Just think, you could be involved in a change that is so important and could affect you one day.

For more information, please see the SANDS website regarding the "Stop the 17" campaign, or watch this evenings BBC panorama programme.

Thank you.

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