Make Liothyronine availability more accessable to Thyroid sufferers

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like most of the population diagnosed with a difficult thyroid condition our needs are not met with the medication our bodies are screaming out for . Most people don't convert T4 Thyroxine to the active Liothyronine (T3) our bodies do need. Some need natural thyroid hormone to get well which is not prescribed either but my main concern here is T3 .

The symptoms we suffer are awful leading us to seek the medication from other countries where T3 is readily available bought over the counter for a couple of pounds .  Which then encourages greedy people to sell to vulnerable people such as me and thousands of others .    Endocrinologist know about this even they are encouraging patients to purchase from abroad which isn't what you'd expect from the NHS !   

The government should be aware of this knowing how dangerous and neglectful there actions are