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Stop the NHS failing Autistic children with their up coming proposal to limit diagnosis.

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Please,help support and protect our children. 
The Nhs proposes to make changes within relation to Autism that will drastically effect thousands of children and their family's. The changes propse that diagnostics tests will only be offeredfor children at thd higher end of the Autistic scale. 
I am a mum of a young adult whom was diagnosed with ASD, before his diagnosis my child was labelled naughty and was frequently being removed from school. I received little or no support on  how to change our lifestyle to improve my sons wellbeing chances within life. I struggled greatly and developed chilincal depression everyday was my worst nightmare. Only after fighting for diagnosis was the support for me and my family given. 
Our lifes changed my sons schooling became easier the help was given when a statement of educational needs was agreed. Without the statement my son would have not been fully supported and his chances in life reduced dramatically. My son being allowed to access mainstreen  education was only attainable through having a diagnosis. 
I cannot imagine how things would be without help being given from being dianosed. 
 Before diagnosis my son had been frown out of health servies, i.e. dentists speach and language therapy and I found it hard accessing the basic of care needs. After diagnosis professionals worked with us as family to make things better. 
Please please lets do our best to protect autistic children and their familys. Please sign the petition and raise awareness what a diagnosis means to a child and their family. 

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