Babies born under 39 weeks to be in hospital for at least 24 hours properly 'observed'

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Nellie Rae my baby girl was born 'induced' at 37 weeks due to problems in the pregnancy. oxygen flow, measuring small, califications in the placenta which should have gone by a certain week, I had a newly qualified midwife everything was great & running smoothly until nellies heart dipped twice towards the end, after a few complications Nellie rae was born on 12.11.17 at 1.44am, she was a little dot and so perfect! Nellie had no suction in her mouth and was left to my care for a whole 12 hours before getting discharged, due problems prior to Nellie being born I was told she would be in for at least 24 hours! Nellie began to shake randomly every now & again I asked a few midwives if it was normal 'newborn jitters' I got told! Never heard of it before, the doctor which also double checked her eyes because apparantly the lense had broke...but did the womans baby across from me perfectly fine.  Nellie & I was discharged home without any proper checks before getting sent home then 24 hours later my baby girl stopped breathing, later on that day we found what she had was a bleed behind her eye & brain which was giving her seizures. I knew there was a problem as a mother you never discreet her gut, i got completely ignored and now for a simple check which could of saved her life im now facing day to day with out my baby girl. I'm asking & begging for the NHS to keep all babies in for at least 24 hours properly observed & monitored under 39 weeks! To prevent any heartache & loss of newborn babies!