Abolish Student Nurse Tuition Fees/Debt

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Student nurses used to receive a bursary until the government stopped this. Having read a post on a student nurse who contracted covid19 whilst working on a ward for no monetary gain it is our belief that no student nurse should pay to train. At the end of training nurses have a £60,000 student debt. This is absolutely disgraceful. The Government and the Nation should support these amazing student nurses. My stepdaughter is amongst the thousands of 3rd year students nurses who have bravely opted in to work their last placement in hopsitals fighting the coronavirus. Likewise we cannot fail to recognise the amazing contribution of thousands of second year nursing students at this time. It is fair to say that there are few other university courses which demand so much of their students in terms of their time, money, compassion and skill. Student nurses are supernumerary however the NHS would be in a worse place than it already is if they didn't do work on the wards. Perhaps on the condition that newly qualified nurses give for example three years working in the NHS, the Government would clear their debt.

My generation as a trainee nurse earned a small income. This is something that should be introduced again.

These hard working dedicated students are a necessity to ensure the future of the amazing NHS. Due to the current pandemic and bravery of these student nurses, let's get the government to clear their student debt. It's about time nurses and supported for the work they do.

The government need to re-introduce bursaries again so no student nurse has this amount of crippling  debt. It has taken a crisis for the government to realise how much all health workers do. This appreciation and knowledgement should have always been there.