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An average Indian knows the value of a SMS. Do you remember that some months ago, the Government had capped the sms to 5 sms per day for a few days? Can you recall the nuisance? SMS is associated with freedom of expression, of equality and technological advancement. It is a convienent and less expensive source of communication.

In 2010, the J&K Govt had imposed a ban on sms for a short time but the ban has continued till date. It has also been deemed unnecessary and ineffective. 

We demand that SMS service should be restored. There should be no "technological discrimination". We appeal to the honorable CM, Shri Omar Abdullah, to the NHRC chairperson and the Home Minister to kindly restore SMS service, an indespensible mode of communication in Today's world. 

Letter to
NHRC, CM J&K, Home Minister GoI
Chief Minister (J&K) Sh. Omar Abdullah
Home Minister, Government of India Sh. Sushil Kumar Shinde
To lift the ban on SMS in J&K
Home Minister
Government of India

To lift the ban on SMS in J&K
Dear Sir,

With respect, We would like to bring the issue of "ban on SMS in J&K on pre-paid cellular services" before you. This ban is not a recent case and its consistency is making it worse. We find it right to raise this issue before you as this ban, in many view, comes under the violation of human rights that affect the heart and mind of people of this region and thus as a competent authority you may take appropriate action on this. Our points to lift the ban are:

SMS (short message service) comes under cellular service that people use as a tool of communication. We must not ban the people to people communication as the communication is an essential thing for a peaceful and harmonious society.

When in the other states people are enjoying the SMS services on their mobile, it must not be banned for J&K for long time. Government has no right to discriminate on the basis of region.

SMS communication is less harmful than phone calls and in absence of SMS facility, people will use more phone calls that will affect their health. So ban on SMS may lead to bad health.

What for a person who cannot speak but can hear and see? Banning on SMS will take away all his feelings and rights in absence of communication media.

With all the above points, We hereby request you to please take action to protect the rights of people, to protect freedom of expression, to protect the J&K from denying dignity, to protect from discrimination and to allow people to people communication.

We request you to take action as the ban is unconstitutional, non democratic, useless and illogical. Your action can bring a wave of happiness among people in J&K. Their faith upon transparent, humane and fair system of governance will become strong, they will get their dignity and freedom back.

For the people of J&K

Mission Bhartiyam Team

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