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In less than two weeks Gary Bettman has said he is going to lockout the players. We cannot let him do this.

Once again the NHL is undermining all hockey fans, totally forgetting that there is no one more important than us. While the owners and players squabble over their millions, the average fan can still barely afford ticket prices. 

When will they acknowledge that there would not be a successful league without us?! 

At this point, Gary Bettman has made it clear that he is prepared to lockout the players on September 15. As a passionate fan, I resent his assumption that we will all come crawling back again whenever he is ready to start the season. 

We demand that the league and the players start training camps and the regular season on schedule no matter what it takes. We are not going to simply stand by and let them ruin another season.

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Letter to
NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman
NHLPA Executive Director Donald Fehr
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Gary Bettman, NHL Commissioner and Donald Fehr, NHLPA Executive Director.

Promise to start the 2012-2013 hockey season on schedule

The 2004-2005 lockout was a disaster. The owners and the players completely lost track of the fact that the fans should be their number one priority. This can never happen again and Gary Bettman is already saying he plans to lock out the players as of September 15 if a new deal is not completed by that time.

Promise that you will start the season on time no matter what - even if a new agreement is not finalized.



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